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“We will leave your school spotless clean!”

“Our school cleaners go the extra mile for our clients and our professional and proven cleaning service will make sure that your school environment is a clean, safe, productive and positive place for teachers, students and children alike”.

“Our standards never drop and we always use cleaning methods that really work”

School cleaning services 

At SSClassic Cleaners we know the importance of having a tidy, hygienic and clean school for all pupils and staff. This is why SSClassic Cleaners has become a first choice for school cleaning in London. We work with many schools, education institutions and  academies! Whether the school is a Victorian school or a purpose-built, state-of-the-art academy, we understand your specific requirements and the scale of what is involved.

So, no matter how many classrooms, toilet blocks, sports halls and staff rooms or how large the canteen is, our passion for quality service will ensure your building looks its best.

Having many years of experience means we have the knowledge and experience to build a school cleaning solution suitable for your budget.  


Every parent will confirm, nowhere do infections and minor illnesses spread faster than in schools. Schools are a hotspot for bacteria and viruses and a source for lots of common kid illnesses, especially for younger school-age kids whose immune systems are still maturing.

The Department of Education also reveal that 300,000 teachers take sickness leave each year, roughly equating to around 3 million lost teaching days.

Germs and bugs can spread rapidly, particularly round large institutions welcoming a large number of people every day. Minimising the risk through high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in schools, colleges and universities can decrease absenteeism and promote effective learning.

Which is why it is of paramount importance to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness in all educational establishments.

According, to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, one in 11 children has asthma and it is the most common long-term medical condition. On average there are three children with asthma in every classroom in the UK. Therefore it is vital that the school premises are kept clean to help prevent children from asthma. 

Educational establishments can be particularly demanding environments to clean. They require detailed specifications to reflect the term timetable and daily challenges of the environment.

We are experts in delivering a flexible and responsive school cleaning service which is diligently followed and delivered by our on-site teams.

The end result of our diligence and expertise is a cleaner, more sanitary environment and consequently fewer days lost through sickness among staff and pupils, leading to a better learning experience for pupils and a better working environment for teachers.

When parents choose what school to send their child, first impressions matter! It would be silly to risk a poor opinion of your school because of untidiness and dirt. By choosing SSClassic Cleaners, parents will be impressed with your schools focus on hygiene. Your school’s governors and government bodies will see the investment made in creating a safe learning environment.

Our staff are experienced professional cleaners who are trained specially to clean in a school environment. They are dedicated and understand the importance of cleaning  meticulously to ensure the environment is safe for children. Our staff  use appropriate, up-to-date methods for each area to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are met. This means that the cleaning process will be streamlined and more efficient throughout the school.

Areas we cover daily and periodically:

  • Entranceways & Corridors

  • Offices & Staff Rooms

  • Classrooms

  • Libraries

  • Medical Rooms

  • Dinner/meals rooms/canteens 

  • Gyms

  • Kitchens

  • Toilets

Deep cleaning services on termly basis e.g:

  • Toilet blocks

  • Altro/safety/vinyl floors

  • Desks,tables and chairs

  • Windows

  • High level cleaning including all lighting and pipework

  • Full, intense cleaning of all walls, cupboard tops, doors, window frames and light fittings amongst other wall based items.

  • A full steam clean for the carpets to get rid of hidden, trapped dirt and bring them back to their best ready for the new academic year.

  • Machine scrub all of the hard floors and get rid of any dirt that may be lingering in hard to reach parts of the hard floor.

  • We then clean all of the blinds across the school. Whether these are roller blinds or Venetian blinds we can guarantee that both sides of your blinds will look beautiful and shine like new.

  • We will dust all of the walls across the entire school, to a height of 16ft, to get rid of lingering dust, cobwebs and dirt that can make your school look drab.

  • We will polish all doors and internal glass to make sure that these are gleaming.

  • We will finish off by fully cleaning all of the chairs, stools, tables and desks from every classroom, including the legs. 

  • We will work hard to remove any dirt or chewing gum that we may find, and we will also include the staff room and offices if that’s what you would like.

  • We will clean Ponds, Lock up rooms and other areas on premises as agreed 

Our Staff

At SSClassic Cleaners, our experienced cleaning professionals have extensive training, knowledge and versatility in order to adapt to their work environment and to complete the job in the most efficient way for our clients without compromising quality or the final result.  Our cleaners  have the most up-to-date knowledge on how to use the correct cleaning techniques and equipment which can be tailored to your school. You can be assured that your school will be cleaned to the highest standards and that extra level of cleaning care will be given to ensure the school is hygiene and spotlessly clean to make a pleasant environment for the children and teachers. 

Challenges of School cleaning 

At SSClassic Cleaners, all our staff are aware that cleaning schools is very different from cleaning other work environments. There is a lot more pressure, since we can only clean outside school hours, and there is a lot more responsibility as we are helping to stop infections as children are not always as hygienic as adults, so there are sometimes more germs around. And of course, children are more vulnerable than adults, which adds another level of responsibility.

The main challenge of school cleaning is that they are under such financial pressure, and we overcome this by realigning schools’ expectations. This means identifying high traffic areas that need to be cleaned on a daily basis, and being more realistic about other more time-consuming areas that might not need such regular attention. We make savings for our clients this way, so SSClassic cleaners  gives unbeatable value for the budgetary constraints that schools may face.

Keeping children safe 

At SSClassic Cleaners, we know School cleaning is more important because it comes under safeguarding. Children need to be coming to a clean and hygienic environment, which is the best environment possible in order for them to learn.  

We understand that each school has unique safeguarding requirements. We adopt as many good practices as we can. We vet all our staff, ensuring they have enhanced DBS checks, and after that we put them on the update programme so we get updates on anything that may have been added to their record since their DBS check. We also offer safeguarding training. And, the products that we use are all 100% eco-friendly and Eco-Schools endorsed, with absolutely no allergens or harsh chemicals.  

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