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Offices & Communal areas

“Our workers have an eye for detail and clean meticulously”

“Our standards never drop and we always use cleaning methods that really work”

Office Cleaning Services 

We know that quality office cleaning forms an essential and integral part of day-to-day business. Therefore we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and our attention to detail. The many benefits of a clean office.

Positive brand image

A clean office and building can paint a thousand words to both your clients and employees. Cleaning your office to a high standard can reflect a positive brand image to clients walking through the door on the quality and service that they are likely to receive. Employees will also benefit from a clean workspace as they will feel comfortable and valued, therefore increasing productivity.

Healthier staff

Whilst thorough and detailed office cleaning will have vast benefits to employee productivity and client retention, cleanliness also has a direct impact on hygiene. Good hygiene practices will reduce levels of  bacteria in the office, therefore keeping your staff healthier and reducing the number of sick days taken by employees.

Reducing wear and tear

Wear and tear is inevitable but with a little bit of science, we can slow it down. Cleaners reduce deterioration process with the right products, techniques and equipment with attention to detail. Dust, dirt and grime do not just look bad, they actively damage surfaces and furnishings – speeding up their natural deterioration.

At SSClassic Cleaners we believe that, just as dirt can accelerate wear and tear, cleaning can actively slow it down. That is why we offer a broad range of specialist cleaning services to cover all areas of your office premises.

Communal Areas  Cleaning Services

The communal areas of offices or any other public areas can be difficult to keep clean. These high traffic areas collect dust and dirt very easily and can leave an unsightly mess. But do not worry, because cover this area too. Communal areas cleaning is absolutely essential to the smooth running of your business. At SSClassic Cleaners, we Services understand that very well. We know how to clean well as we follow strict cleaning protocol to be sure to include all the necessary areas and any other instructions that you may leave for us.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Hand and carpeted floor care

  • Waste disposal including recycling

  • High level dusting

  • Free standing and built in furniture cleaning

  • Cleaning of desks – including phones, keyboards & screens etc

  • Cleaning of personal spaces as required

  • Cleaning of reception areas

  • Cleaning of toilets

  • Cleaning of Kitchen areas

  • Cleaning the interior of windows and window sills

  • Wiping down and sanitising door handles to avoid the spread of germs and viruses

  • Sanitising high usage areas such as photocopiers, printers, vending machines & telephones

  • All general office cleaning including  emptying and  sanitising  the bins,  vacuuming  all floors,  wiping  down &  sanitising  desks and tables

  • Communal areas including canteen/kitchen cleaning

At SSClassic Cleaners, our experienced cleaning professionals have extensive training, knowledge and versatility in order to adapt to their work environment and to complete the job in the most efficient way for our clients without compromising quality or the final result.  Our cleaners  have the most up-to-date knowledge on how to use the correct cleaning techniques and equipment which can be tailored to your office or building space. . You can be assured that your office will be cleaned to the highest standards and that extra level of care will be given to ensure the appearance of your office puts you ahead of other businesses

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