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Health safety environment

  • Health and Saftey 

  • At SSClassic Cleaners, we use InnuScience Cleaning Products which are non toxic and none allergenic and eco friendly. All electrical equipment has been tested and passed safe to UK home and commercial standard. All contracts are Risk assessed and a method statement is produced and implemented.

  • At SSClassic Cleaners, all employees have been inducted on training programme and follow our health and safety guidelines, and the client’s.

  • We believe the health and safety of its employees and the clients employees is integral to the work environment and is fundamentally important to us.

  • Environmental Policy

  • SSClassic Cleaners strives to operate with a responsible attitude to the environment and the effect upon it. We are committed to running our business to high ethical standards in the long term. We source all our products from respectable companies who share our views on minimising the impact on the community and the way we live.

  • All our staff have been made aware of the environmental targets we strive to achieve. Here at SSClassic Cleaners, the environment is very high up on our agenda. We are proud to be an Environmental Friendly Cleaning Company.

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