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Contracts and One-off

Cleaning Services 

 At SSClassic Cleaners, we recognise that  clients require different cleaning services Therefore, we provide two types of cleaning services: one-off  cleans or a service contract/agreement. 


We offer professional cleaning services on a contractual basis. Contracts to clean schools last usually between 1 or 2 years and offices usually 1 year. Contracts are all renewal before the contract term ends. There are many benefits in agreeing to a contract of services.

Cost effective

If you currently employ cleaning staff directly, you may think it is cheaper than paying for a specialist cleaning contractor. But think about the hidden costs. On the face of it employing your own team seems a simple and cost effective cleaning solution but actually in the long run it is more expensive if you employ staff as you are responsible for:

  • Their holiday pay

  • Their sick pay

  • Their tax, National Insurance and payroll admin

  • Over and above these costs there are the added expenses and time requirements to ensure your teams deliver the highest standards:

  • Recruitment, training and induction

  • Managing and auditing performance and quality of work

  • Health and safety and COSHH training

  • Providing effective supervision

  • Managing absences

  • Finding alternative staff to cover when staff are off sick or on holiday (or doing it yourself, or going without)

  • Sourcing and supplying appropriate, quality cleaning materials 

  • Supplying and maintaining professional quality cleaning equipment – and getting it fixed or replaced if it breaks down

All this adds up to quite a responsibility and many potential headaches. Your time can easily be consumed managing these issues.

Could you spend that precious time on things that have more value for your organization?

At SSClassic Cleaners we will take care of these things for you, giving you peace of mind, saving you time, costs and leaving you free to concentrate on the things that are central to your success.

At SSClassic Cleaners, we will only employ the best staff, staff that are used to cleaning businesses like yours and therefore know what to do, how to do it and how to make sure that the cleaning standards are the best they possibly can be for your company. To discuss a suitable agreement, please contact us today.

One-Off Cleaning Services  

This is just a one-off deep clean. It is intense, thorough which makes your school and office space  completely pristine. The clean can take up to 6 -10 hours depending on the size and condition of the required areas to be cleaned.

There is a one-off  payment for a fully professional clean. The cost of a one-off clean varies on the location and what needs to be cleaned. Contact us today and we will visit your site to provide you with an upfront exact price.

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