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With you since 2016

  • At SSClassic Cleaners we know the importance of having a tidy, hygienic and clean school for all pupils and staff. This is why SSClassic Cleaners has become a first choice for school cleaning in London. We work with many schools, education institutions and academies!

  • Having many years of experience means we have the knowledge and experience to build a school cleaning solution suitable for your budget.

  • In the UK, it is reported that close to 60 million school days are lost each year due to sickness. Sickness is a real issue and can have a negative impact on an individual’s learning and even fellow classmates learning.

  • We have trained, efficient and responsive school cleaners to help minimise sicknesses. We offer daily, weekly, periodical cleaning as well as deep cleaning services which will promote a clean environment and children’s attendance levels will increase.

  • We understand and adhere to the School Premises Regulations 2012, so you can have confidence that the cleaning of your school establishment is legally compliant, and respects your legal obligations to pupils and staff.



  • First Impressions count. The state of cleanliness in a business office and communal areas is viewed and measured by potential clients and members of the public as well as making a statement to your own employees. Ensuring your office is clean and hygienic can increase productivity, staff morale, decrease sick days and present a positive brand image to both staff and visitors. These factors can have a positive effect on long term business performance.

  • Our hands-on approach, coupled with our experience, our attention to detail and the professionalism exhibited by both management and employees and our commitment to total satisfaction, ensures that our clients receive a high level of service.

  • Over the years we have retained 95% of our customers and 88% of our staff. 

  • All our staff are experienced and trained to clean schools and offices so you can be assured that our staff will meet your requirements.

  • All our staff are security vetted and are DBS checked. Further, all our staff have each signed a confidentiality contract to ensure that any sensitive information they handle remains confidential.

  • We regularly supervise our cleaners each week and this ensures the quality will never drop. To do this our area manager will arrange to come and see the client often to talk through any issues they might have. We also carry spot checks on our staff.

  • Annual quality audits for each site are carried out by our own auditor, the Company Quality Manager, to ensure that all processes are being followed.

  • We pride ourselves on being proactive and we understand it is more efficient if we report problems to you first along with solutions. Indeed our staff are incentivised to report issues from their sites.

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